Science at school

Science at school IES Enrique Nieto

Science at school

Science at school

The IES Enrique Nieto as a British school promotes both Spanish and English culture. Our teaching model is based on the English and Spanish National Curriculum, which guarantees a unique standard of education and consistency in teaching methods.

In the classroom we base our lessons on a mixture of methods and approaches to meet the different needs of learners and the different aims of lessons or courses.

More specifically, in 3th we use STEM Labs, which are unique learning spaces that offer specific opportunities and challenges for supporting the learning of our students. 

Sheep heart dissection

By dissecting into a heart, we can see each different section in detail and can learn how each section helps in pumping blood around the body. Following is a full explanation and sheep heart dissection guide so that you can easily and safely complete a sheep heart dissection yourself in a lab setting.